HOA Judge Spotlight: Kevin Ray

HOA Kevin Ray3 2014

HOA Judge Spotlight: Kevin Ray
Searcy, Arkansas

Interview by Jen Cochran

Jen: Tell us about yourself, Kevin. Where are you from? What’s your CrossFit background?

Kevin: I’m Kevin Ray, from Searcy CrossFit in Searcy, Arkansas. I’ve been crossfitting for around three years. I got into coaching in December 2012, just after HOA4.

Jen: What judging experience do you bring to HOA6?

Kevin: HOA4, HOA5, North Central Regionals 2013/2014, and the 2014 CrossFit Games Masters and Team Competitions

Jen: Any good stories you can share from the judges’ perspective, HOA or otherwise?

Kevin: The first workout from HOA4, judging CrossFit 413’s Daniel Lunney. During the final few seconds of the WOD the lights go out, the crowd erupted–and I’m trying to count double unders in the dark. The most inspiring thing I have done is judging the 2014 Masters Competition at the CrossFit Games this year. They have a fire inside that we all need to have.

Jen: In your opinion, what makes a great judge?

Kevin: A good judge—to me—is someone who understands the standards of all the movements, and holds each athlete to that standard no matter who they are.

Jen: On an intimidation scale 1-10, where does your trademark beard rank?

Kevin: I really don’t know what it would be honestly, since I don’t judge myself. But I have been told I look intimidating.

Jen: Who wins this challenge? One-hundred jumping jacks for time—You or Mhire?

Kevin: I would give this one to Jeremy. But I challenge him to a donut-eating contest, though.

HOA6 Kevin Ray2

Thanks to Kevin and everyone who will be participating at The 2014 Heart of America Competition as a Judge! There will be three HOA Judge’s Clinics between now and the opening night of competition – all those participating as a judge at HOA6 must plan on attending AT LEAST ONE of the following meetings (All clinics will be held at CrossFit Springfield):

THIS COMING SUNDAY, September 28th at 12pm @ CFS
Sunday, October 12th at 12pm @ CFS
Wednesday, October 22nd at 7pm @ CFS

Register to judge at HOA6 here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0544a5a929a6f94-judges1

Please direct any questions to jeremy@heartofamericacompetition.com

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