HOA 2017 | Event 2 Announced

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HOA 2017 | Event 2 for All Divisions is a Team Chipper. *You can review the Event 2 description and notes HERE.

**A mandatory athlete briefing (All Divisions) for Events 1 and 2 will take place at 2:45pm Friday, September 29th at CrossFit Springfield. This is your opportunity to review event formats/logistics, clarify movement standards, and have any questions answered. HOA WILL NOT respond to questions asked or posted prior to Friday’s mandatory athlete briefing.

HOA 2017 | Event 1 Announced


HOA 2017 | Event 1 for All Divisions is “Kalsu”. *You can review the Event 1 description HERE.

James Robert Kalsu was an All-American Tackle at The University of Oklahoma and an NFL player with an extremely promising career ahead of him. After starting the entire 1968 season with the Buffalo Bills as a guard, he was named Team Rookie of the Year.

Despite the promise of a legendary career, Kalsu put that aside to enlist in the Army in 1969 and was soon shipped out to Vietnam, where he was killed in a mortar attack on Fire Support Base Ripcord less than a year later. Kalsu left behind a wife and two young children.

He was 25 years old when he died. The Kalsu WOD was created to honor Lt. James Robert Kalsu, his service, and his sacrifice for our country.

*A mandatory athlete briefing (All Divisions) for Events 1 and 2 will take place at 2:45pm Friday, September 29th at CrossFit Springfield. This is your opportunity to review event formats/logistics, clarify movement standards, and have any questions answered. HOA WILL NOT respond to questions asked or posted prior to Friday’s mandatory athlete briefing.

Friday Heat Assignments

Friday, September 29

Masters – Heat 1 4:00pm
Doughnuts N Double – Unders CrossFit Sedalia
Guns & Roses – CrossFit Testament
2Fit2Quit – CrossFit 413
GeriatRX – CrossFit Springfield
Every Parsec Counts – CrossFit SOMO
Everything Hurts – CrossFit Xtra Mile
Blood, Sweat and Years – CrossFit Jenks
You Should Be Here – CrossFit Springfield
Hustle & Muscle – CrossFit Fort smith
Enemies and Adversaries – CrossFit SOMO

Masters – Heat 2 4:18pm
Midwestern Built Masters MWB – CrossFit Joplin
Last Minute Masters – CrossFit Springfield
CF413 Too Old to Care – CrossFit 413
CFNWA Masters – CrossFit NWA
BARx Masters – BARx CrossFit
Hold Her Budweiser – Mac-Town CrossFit
#hugetightbox – CrossFit Oswego
Tick Tock Cobra – Command CrossFit
BARx Masters 2 – BARx CrossFit
Probably Expired – CrossFit Blk

Scaled – Heat 3 4:36pm
Fitless & Chill – CrossFit SOMO
CrossFit 913 – CrossFit 913
Bringing Flexy Back – CrossFit Nixa
Harry Squatters – CrossFit Fringe
MESHUGGE PRIDE – Meshugge CrossFit
Go RuK Yourself – CrossFit RuK
TOTALLY WRECKED EM – CrossFit Criterion
BarX #builtbylampitt – BarX
We Lift a Latte – CrossFit Springfield
Jomo CrossFit – Jomo CrossFit

Scaled – Heat 4 4:54pm
Old But Not Out – CFNWA
Suicide Squat – CrossFit Springfield
Koda NWO Koda – CrossFit Native
Short and Stout – CrossFit Fringe
Team Defiant – Mad Apple CrossFit
Straight Outta Awesome – CrossFit Raw Steel
Do Work Gold – Do Work CrossFit
Ghost Thrusters – CrossFit Xtra Mile
Flexual Healing CFS – CrossFit Springfield
Scaled 4 Days – CrossFit Provision

Scaled – Heat 5 5:12pm
CrossFit Activate – CrossFit Activate
CrossFit Republic – CrossFit Republic
Fight Gone Worse – CrossFit Springfield
Whiskey & Wodders – Do Work CrossFit
Rehab Addicts – CrossFit West Plains
Koda C Team – Koda CrossFit
Watch this, hold my beer – CrossFit Natural State
BarX Team Almost Awesome – BarX
DAB-E – CFC CrossFit
CF 413 – CrossFit 413

Scaled – Heat 6 5:30pm
Box Life – CrossFit 70
Scaled As Hell – CrossFit Cathal
Chubby Unicorns – CrossFit Nixa
CrossFit RTB – CrossFit RTB
Shrug Life – CrossFit Xtra Mile
CrossFit 413 – CrossFit 413
Why So Serious? – Hog Wild CrossFit
Almost Masters – CrossFit Branson
Swole and RX-ish – CrossFit St. Robert
Drop It Like A Squat – Mac-Town CrossFit

Scaled – Heat 7 5:48pm
Thundercats – CrossFit Unstoppable
P.E.D.’s – Mac-Town CrossFit
Flexual Healing Lees Summit – CrossFit Lees Summit
We’re New Here – CrossFit 413
Koda HQ – Koda CrossFit
Scaled Squad – BARx CrossFit
Biffs CrossFit – Biffs CrossFit
CF70 HOA – CrossFit 70
Do Work Hustle & Muscle – Do Work CrossFit
Sizzlin’ Pot-8-O’s – CrossFit Aggregate

Scaled – Heat 8 6:06pm
The Young and the Restless – CrossFit Springfield
Barbells for Baby Jesus – CrossFit Xtra Mile
Hakuna Masquata – CrossFit NWA
Nervous Nellies – CrossFit Maumelle
Unripped – Adamant CrossFit
#WTBS – WeaknessWOD Compete
Last Minute But In It – CrossFit Criterion
Hog Wild CrossFit – Hog Wild CrossFit
RSF CrossFit – RSF CrossFit
Booty and the Beast – Mac-Town CrossFit

Scaled – Heat 9 6:24pm
Snatch & Sniff – Eureka CrossFit
Instant regret – CrossFit Branson
Honey Badgers – Mac-Town CrossFit
Do Work OG’s – Do Work CrossFit
Kipping it Real – CrossFit Springfield
St Joe Mo Fos – B-Fit CrossFit
Saved by the Kettlebell – CrossFit NWA
CrossFit Amend – CrossFit Amend
Thick Thighs and Strong Guys – CrossFit Springfield
CrossFit Fringe – CrossFit Fringe

Scaled – Heat 10 6:42pm
CrossFit Owasso – CrossFit Owasso
Do Work Mother Thrusters! – Do Work CrossFit
CrossFit Jenks – CrossFit Jenks
Young Gunners – CrossFit Branson
413 Benchwarmers – CrossFit 413
JOMO4LIFE – Jomo CrossFit
Frans in Low Places – CrossFit Springfield
Red, White, and Bruised – CrossFit RTB
The Dirty Joes – Bfit CrossFit
Still Don’t Have Double Unders – CrossFit Lees Summit

RX – Heat 11 7:05pm
But did you Die? – CrossFit NWA
Tickle Pickles – CrossFit Fringe
We So Fit – CrossFit Nixa
CrossFit Papio – CrossFit Papio
Royal Barbell CrossFit – Royal Barbell CrossFit
CrossFit 540 – CrossFit 540
Dark Matter – Unaffiliated
501 CrossFit – 501 CrossFit
Team Koda – Koda CrossFit
CrossFit Xtra Mile Black – CrossFit Xtra Mile

RX – Heat 12 7:21pm
Beefcakes & Beauties – CrossFit Believe
Max BJs for Time – CrossFit 816
CrossFit Omaha – CrossFit Omaha
1stPhorm – 1stPhorm
HUMBLE. – DeSoto CrossFit
Dan Halen – Bear State CrossFit
Healthnuts – CrossFit Provision
Chasing Greatness – CrossFit 540
QTown CrossFit – QTown CrossFit
Midpoint Black – CrossFit Midpoint

RX – Heat 13 7:37pm
CrossFit Provision – CrossFit Provision
Swole and Flexy – CrossFit Lees Summit
Midpoint Silver – CrossFit Midpoint
CrossFit West Plains – CrossFit West Plains
Dancing With 417 – CrossFit 417
Midwestern Built MWB – CrossFit Joplin
ASAP CrossFit – ASAP CrossFit
Collective Swagger – Revel Strength & Fitness
Thruster? We just met! – Adamant CrossFit
CrossFit Omaha Black – CrossFit Omaha

RX – Heat 14 7:53pm
Goon Squad – CrossFit Fringe
Fight For It – CrossFit 417
I Hate 2 Run – CrossFit Midpoint
3 dudes 1 chic – CrossFit 417
Cheat Meal – CrossFit NWA
CrossFit Lee’s Summit – CrossFit Lees Summit
#pen15forever – CF314
CrossFit Springfield – CrossFit Springfield
Humble with a Hint of Kanye – CrossFit Natural State
Royal Barbell CrossFit 2 – Royal Barbell CrossFit

2017 Schedule of Events


2017 Heart of America Competition Schedule of Events

Thursday, September 28 at Crossfit Springfield

Early Team Check-In: 5:30-7:30pm
Final Judges Clinic: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Friday, September 29th at Crossfit Springfield

Team Check-In: 11:00am-3:00pm
Mandatory Athlete Briefing 2:45pm
Opening Ceremony: 3:30pm

Welcome by HOA Director Jeremy Mhire, Invocation by Springfield Dream Center Director Jody Glazner, Presentation of the Colors by Greene County Sheriffs Office, National Anthem by Rachael Snow)

Event Kick-Off | First Masters Heat for Event 1 Begins 4:00pm, Scaled 4:35pm, RX 7:05pm*

Saturday, September 30th at Crossfit Springfield

Athlete Briefing for Saturday Events: 7:15am
HOA 2017: 8:00am-9:00pm*

Sunday, October 1st at Crossfit Springfield

Athlete Briefing for Sunday Events: 7:15am
HOA 2017: 8:00am-3:00pm
Closing Ceremony: 3:30pm

*Event and Heat Times are Subject to Change


Registration Info

The format for The 2017 Heart of America Team Competition is 4 athletes – 2 men and 2 women – these athletes are not required to all train at the same facility but will need to choose an Affiliate to compete under.

Masters athletes must be 40+ as of 9/29/17

This is a full 3 day event:

•Team check-in Thursday night & Friday morning at Crossfit Springfield

•We are using RegOnline again this year for registration. Though it will not be live until 5pm (Central Time) Friday, June 23, here is the direct link to register for HOA 2017: http://www.regonline.com/hoa2017

If you are using your same registration email as last year, make sure you know your password from last year or use a new email address or your registration could be delayed.

•Master’s Division Registration will open on Friday, June 23th 5pm (CST)
•Scaled Division Registration will open on Saturday, June 24th 5pm (CST)
•RX’d Division Registration will open on Sunday, June 25th 5pm (CST)

Needed for registration:

– Email address
– Team Captain: Name, address, phone, emergency contact, password
– Team Name: To be used during event for team signs and scoring platform (Team Name cannot be changed after registration)
– Team Affiliate
– Names of team members (members can be switched out before the weekend of HOA)
– Names and ages of each masters member – will be verified
– T-shirt sizes: Specify Unisex Tee or women’s tank (sizes cannot be changed after registration-trades will be allowed after team check in if available)
– Payment info: Credit card type – exp date, 3 digit code, billing address

•DO NOT register your team for another division if the one you want is sold out. You will not be able to switch divisions. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

•If it says sold out when you click the link for your team, keep trying. The system places a hold on all spots until they are completed. Some teams are having multiple people trying to sign one team up at the same time, so once their team is in, other spots will open up.

•DO NOT register your team twice. Communicate with your teammates.  If you register your team twice while trying to get through, you will be able to sell your spot to another team, but THERE ARE NO REFUNDS from the Heart of America Competition.

We look forward to once again hosting a fun, competitive and challenging community event.  We wish you the best of luck and many blessings as you prepare and train for this September 29-October 1!


HOA Planning Committee

2017 Event Details

HOA 2017 Event Details


When: Friday, September 29th – Sunday, Oct 1st 2017

Where: CrossFit Springfield – Springfield, MO

1900 W Sunset Springfield, MO 65807 | Located in The Kansas Plaza Behind Sky Zone

Pre-purchase your weekend passes at a discount at:

Eventbrite Pre-Sale Weekend Passes


Teams must be comprised of 4 members: 2 Men and 2 Women. All 4 athletes will not be required to be from the same gym.

Team Captains (or whomever registers your team) will still be prompted to input an gym/affiliate that the team is representing based on their own discretion or on the amount of athletes on the team from a particular box.

Fitness is cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. At The 2017 Heart of America Team Competition presented by JUNK | 1st Phorm, every team – regardless of division – will be collectively tested in each of these 10 domains. Here’s our best piece of advice: Train accordingly:)

HOA will not be releasing a checklist of movements, modalities, and loads to practice and prepare for. We believe that if you are training regularly and participating at a box with coaches and ownership who subscribe to, encourage, and incorporate performing constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity across broad time and modal domains then you, along with the guidance of those who comprise your gym’s leadership team, are already more than well-equipped to assess your current skill level and ability. Adhere to the aforementioned training method, work hard, attack your weaknesses and you will be good to go this September 29th-October 1st.

Prescribed & Scaled Divisions

All Athletes must be over the age of 16 as of 9/29/2017

Athletes under 18 years of age will required a minor waiver signed by a legal guardian.

Masters Division

All athletes must be age 40+

Nuts & Bolts

Cost per Team: $420 + Tax & RegOnline Fees

* No refunds or Team Name changes after registration

Tiered Registration for HOA 2017

For the past 4 years, when registration has gone live, HOA has sold out immediately. To give more structure to the process, we will again open team registration over the course of 3 days:

Master’s Division Registration will open on Friday, June 23th

Scaled Division Registration will open on Saturday, June 24th

RX’d Division Registration will open on Sunday, June 25th

Although we don’t recommend trying to have one person sign up multiple teams, please note that refunds will NOT be given to any team who confirms registration for their team twice. They will be transferable but YOUR TEAM will be responsible for finding another team to take the spot. Please stay tuned to this site and The HOA Facebook Page for upcoming announcements and additional registration instructions.

Please email info@heartofamericacompetition.com for details.

Photo Credit (top of page): MetCon Photos

HOA 2016 | Saturday Events 4-7 Released


The 2016 Heart of America Team Competition is off and running! The events for Saturday Oct 8th have been released and are available for viewing HERE.

Briefing for Events 4-7 will take place at 7am Saturday Morning at CFS. This is when you will be able to ask questions and clarify WOD formats, logistics and movement standards. We will not respond to questions until this designated athlete briefing time.

Photo Credit: GinnieColemanPhotography

HOA 2016 | Events 1-3 Released


HOA 2016 | Events 1-3 Have Been Announced!!! You can view them HERE

Competitors: The Mandatory Athlete Briefing for Events 1-3 will be at 11:45am Friday. Briefing for all Saturday Events will be Saturday morning at 7am. Please take note and be advised, THESE ATHLETE BRIEFING TIMES ARE WHEN all event formats, logistics, and movement standards will be clearly demo’d and thoroughly explained. It is also where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered. HOA will not respond to any event formatting, logistics, or movement standard questions submitted prior to the aforementioned Athlete Briefing times.

Saturday’s Event/s will be published on Friday, Oct 7th. Sunday Event/s will be published on Saturday, Oct. 8th.

Safe travels to all those coming in from out of town and best of luck to all – we’ll see you this weekend!

2016 HOA Schedule of Events


2016 Heart of America Competition Schedule of Events

Thursday, October 6th at Crossfit Springfield

Early Team Check-In: 6:00-8:00pm
Final Judges Clinic and Volunteer Walk Through: 7:00pm-8:00pm

Friday, October 7th at Crossfit Springfield

Team Check-In: 9:00am-1:00pm
Mandatory Athlete Briefing 11:45am
Opening Ceremony (Welcome, Invocation, Presentation of Colors by The Springfield Police Department, National Anthem by Rachael Snow): 12:30pm
Event Kick-Off | First Masters Heat for Events 1 & 2 Begins 1:00pm, Scaled 1:45pm, RX 4:40pm*
Event 3 | First Masters Heat 6:25pm, Scaled 6:45pm, RX 8:20pm*

*Event and Heat Times are Subject to Change

Saturday, October 8th at Crossfit Springfield

Athlete Briefing for Saturday Events: 7:15am
HOA 2016: 8:00am-9:00pm

Sunday, October 9th at Crossfit Springfield

Athlete Briefing for Sunday Events: 7:15am
HOA 2016: 8:00am-3:00pm
Closing Ceremony: 3:30pm