Here’s To Our Volunteers!


Photo Credit BLUE’s Sports Photography

Whether working admissions, athlete check-in, lane reset crew, hanging signs, cleaning up, or checking wrist bands, each of our volunteers played a vital role in the success of HOA 2014. It is no small feat to pull off any event – let alone a large-scale 3-day competition with almost 1000 competitors. Our event staff did it with style and grace, keeping us on time and on task all weekend long. We speak with confidence for everyone who participated and all in attendance when we say THANK YOU for your efforts at The 2014 Heart of America Competition! We’re honored and our community is extremely privileged to have so many great people who are willing to so graciously volunteer their time and energy to this event.

Much love and many blessings til our paths cross again!

Jeremy Mhire, HOA Event Director