HOA 2014 | Day 1 Recap | Baseline Media

FRIDAY Recap: WODs 1-4 at HOA6 from baselinemedia on Vimeo.

After today’s events, here are the top three teams in each of the 3 HOA 2014 Divisions:


1st CrossFit Omaha
2nd CrossFit KODA
3rd CrossFit Fringe


1st CrossFit Muskogee
2nd River Valley CrossFit
3rd CrossFit 413


1st CrossFit Springfield
2nd CrossFit 413
3rd CrossFit 540

Athlete Briefing for WODs 5,6, and 7 will be at 7am Saturday in the Springfield EXPO Center.

WODs 5,6, and 7 HEAT ASSIGNMENTS & TIMES are located here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1n7q9fQAeUmc6q-dunpweqh8QVBhIi4p1AwVdXbP_2Uo/edit#gid=0

WODs 8,9, and 10 will be released tomorrow by noon.

Great First Day By ALL!!! Whole lotta game left!

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