HOA 2020 Event 2 & 3

RXE2. 2 Rep Max TNG C & J (F/F)

RXE3. 2 Rep Max TNG C & J (M/M)


Women 4 minutes | 1 Minute Reset | Men 4 minutes


E2/3 Notes: During each 4 minute interval, only the two working athletes are allowed to change weights, load, and unload barbells. All 4 athletes will be given 1 minute to preload the women’s barbell only. During the 1 minute reset, all 4 athletes will be allowed to unload women’s barbell and preload the men’s barbell.


Available weights:

6 x 45s

2 x 25s

6 x 10s

2 x 5s

2 x 2.5s


E2 & E3 Movement Standards



  • Barbell must travel from the ground to the athlete’s shoulders in one fluid movement
  • Hitching, pausing or redipping of the barbell during the clean will result in a no rep
  • A power, full squat or split clean are all acceptable


  • The bar must travel from the shoulders to an overhead position in one fluid movement
  • Pressing of the bar is allowed as long as the bar does not make contact with the athlete’s head
  • Push press, push jerk or split jerk are all acceptable
  • The rep is complete once both heels are repositioned in the frontal plane, hips knees and elbows are fully extended and full control is demonstrated
  • You may reattempt the jerk after an unsuccessful rep

Tap and Go

  • You are allowed to pause at the shoulders or the hips
  • You are allowed to regrip at the shoulders or the hips
  • You will not be allowed to pause, reset or regrip at the bottom


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