HOA 2020 Event 1 – “WILL”

Event 1 of The 2020 Heart of America Team Competition is…


In Loving Memory of CrossFit Springfield // Proximal Strength Coach and U.S. Marine Corps 1st Lt. William Patrick Thompson (May 19, 1994 – December 3rd, 2018)

20 Minute Clock, Complete for Total Reps:

5 Minutes: 4 x 200m Assault Runner + Max Synchro Burpees over Barbell

5 Minutes: 4 x 200m Assault Runner + Max Synchro Thrusters, 95/65lb | 75/55lb

5 Minutes: 4 x 200m Assault Runner + Max Synchro CTB Pull Ups | Pull Ups

5 Minutes: 4 x 200m Assault Runner + Accumulate Max *Double Unders (*RX Must Switch E30 Reps)

E1Notes: During each 5 Min interval, the full 800m (4 x 200m relay-style) must be completed by the team prior to beginning AMRAP of the associated tasks. The 200m run order may be determined by your team. Run order may be changed throughout. *DU score will be ➗ by 5.

E1 Movement Standards:

Assault Runner: 

  • Start position: All 4 athletes will be positioned behind the designated start line
  • At 3…2…1…Go, the first athlete will step forward and complete 200m
  • Athletes may not dismount the runner until completion of the full 200m run
  • Rollover meters are allowed into the next athlete’s 200m run, however, any attempt to continue running into the next 200m will result in an additional 200m tacked on to the end of the 800m buy in
  • Non-working athletes must remain behind the start line until hand-tagged in by the previous runner
  • Athletes may rotate in any order until each team member has completed 200m for a total of 800m
  • Athletes are not allowed to touch the monitors at any time
  • The ONLY time you are allowed to use the handrails is when mounting / dismounting the Assault Runner. You are NOT allowed to use the rails during the run. Any attempt to cheat by using the handrails may result in an additional 200m run tacked on to the end of the  800m buy in
  • In the case of a monitor malfunction, 50 revolutions of the treadmill = 200m 

Synchro Burpees over Bar:

  • Starting position for BOB, both athletes begin facing the North (Hero Wall) on the same side of their respective barbell
  • Both athletes must achieve midline/nipple line of their chests to the ground simultaneously and then perform a 2 foot takeoff jump over barbell
  • The Jump-over does not have to be synchronized, however the rep will not count until both athletes have completed their jump over the bar
  • Both barbells must stay positioned parallel to one another over the designated tapeline. You will not receive a no rep for touching the bar, but you will receive a no rep if the burpee is performed with the barbell out of position

Synchro Thrusters:

  • Start position will be M/F facing one another with bar in front rack position
  • Both athletes must simultaneously achieve a squat depth where the hip crease passes below the height of the axis of the knee. 
  • At the top, the rep is complete once both athletes have simultaneously achieved full extension of the elbows, hips and knees with the bar positioned straight over the heels
  • The 2 points of synchronization is the bottom of the squat and lockout overhead
  • Athletes must guide the bar back to the ground over the designated tape line
  • You are not permitted to drop the bar in any way. Doing so will result in a no-rep 

Synchro CTB Pull Ups/Pull Ups:

  • Start position is both athletes hanging w/ elbows extended from high bar facing center of the floor
  • CTB: At the top of each rep, any portion of both athlete’s chest must simultaneously come in contact with the bar in order for the rep to count
  • (Sc/Masters) Pull Up: At the top of each rep, both athlete’s chin must simultaneously break the horizontal plane of the bar
  • The only point of synchronization is at the top, either with chest or chin
  • Athlete’s will be allowed to receive a hoist from any teammate 

Double Unders:

  • Start position is with both feet anywhere on the wooden platform facing center of the floor
  • 2 complete revolutions of the rope per jump must be achieved in order for the rep to count
  • RX teams must rotate athletes every 30 reps. Order TBD by team. Once an athlete starts, they must complete all 30 reps. 
  • Masters/Scaled will be accumulating double unders. There is no working order or minimum work requirement.
  • Total double under reps will be divided by 5 (example: 322 / 5 = 64.4 reps)

We WILL NOT respond to or answer any questions until the designated athlete briefing time.

HOA 2020 Opening Ceremonies will commence OUTSIDE at 1:30pm this Friday behind Proximal Strength’s Facility. E1 “WILL” Memorial workout briefing will take place INSIDE Proximal Strength at approximately 2pm following Opening Ceremonies.

This year, Due to capacity restrictions set forth by the City of Springfield, MO and The Greene County Health Dept, WE REQUEST THAT ONLY (1) REPRESENTATIVE/YOUR TEAM CAPTAIN attend each workout briefing:

•E1/E2/E3 brief @ 2pm Friday 9/25
•E4/E5 & E6/E7 brief @ 7am Saturday 9/26
•E8 briefing @ 7:30am Sunday 9/27

We will have outdoor speakers to ensure information is available to all athletes in real-time. Team captains are also welcome to video record the briefings.

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